Lose it your way

Fun and frolics easier than you think!

It is well-known that increasing the heart rate with physical activity accelerates weight loss when combined with healthy eating.

On this programme we expect you to see results without enduring a heavy duty exercise regime, (unless you particularly want to!), but, it is important to add some gentle toning and low level activities into your week for a variety of reasons:

  • As you lose weight, actvitiy helps to restore skin tone and reduce 'flabbiness'
  • Activity improves circulation and promotes a healthy heart
  • You should sleep better
  • You will feel happier - physical activity releases 'happy hormones'
  • It is a great stress buster
  • Most important, YOU CAN EAT MORE and still lose weight!!

So we will try to add some almost unnoticeable extra movements that are not daunting and will not leave you gasping for air, in pain or headachy; we believe if you are not enjoying what you are doing it will just feel like punishment, and who wants to be punished? No that's not the way we work! The Lose-it-Coach endorses small, achieveable, positive changes - that's all we will ask of you!

When you add up all the small changes, they make a BIG difference...

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You will have access to our extensive exercise-at-home DVD library - try before you buy - if you don't have fun, bring it back and pick another one!

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