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Eating Healthy

I was brought up in a busy household where food was convenient rather than healthy, consequently, excess weight was a problem for most of our family. I am no stranger to how being overweight, and indeed obese, can affect you deeply from an early age.

Eating healthy as a family

As an adult I tried all the usual faddy diets, with my weight yo-yoing continuously. I'm sure you know the pattern - struggling with confidence issues, dreading buying clothes, hating full length mirrors, and not relishing meeting strangers.

Eventually I joined a large slimming group that thankfully worked for me. It had a flexible healthy eating plan that I could cope with, it wasn't easy though. I especially found the public weigh-ins a trauma - the noisy bell ringing when you reached a target and many of the meetings were just plain embarrassing and uncomfortable. Heavier members of my family found it unbearably hard to walk through the door.

But I stuck at it and made it to my target weight! I went on to work for the company for several years and am proud to say I assisted hundreds of people achieve successful weight loss. However, I did feel frustrated at times - there was very little time to talk to members about their particular problems, and I know we lost a lot of people because of this, not to mention those who could not face coming to a group in the first place.

During my time as a consultant I studied nutrition - how foods affect the body, plus a variety of counselling and therapy courses. I had always felt that more people would try a weight loss programme (and be successful in maintaining their loss) if there was a more individual, personal approach, and so the idea for The Lose-it Coach was born.

My aim is to provide you with a friendly, in-depth, individual approach. I do not focus solely on your diet, outside factors and emotional issues need to be consided as part of the 'whole', you also need privacy - one-to-one meetings with plenty of time for advice and support, and regular contact throughout the week when necessary. My easy to follow food plan bends itself to your current eating habits and reflects your favourite foods where possible. And of course, all of this has to be affordable!

So, if you have lots to lose and plenty to gain by becoming one of my 'losers' then come on and join The Lose-It Coach, take control of your life, make some positive, lasting changes - you CAN do it, and I CAN and WILL help you!

I look forward to seeing 'less' of you!


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