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Sheri Howe's Success Story...

I never really had a weight problem when I was young I was always about a size 12 and never really gave food a thought. Met a lovely man got married had a job I enjoyed and had a baby a few years later, I would like to blame the pregnancy for my weight gain but actually didn't gain a great deal and was in my 'larger' size 12 clothes quite soon after.

However within a 18months of grabbing easy food and picking on snacks at home combined with very little activity, just playing with my toddler and coffee mornings, I was buying bigger and bigger sizes. It was when I was unable to get into a pair of size 16 trousers one morning and realising I needed an 18 when I broke down in tears and knew I had to change something. First I tried meal replacement shakes and lost a lot of weight in the first few weeks but became bored, tired and irritable, gave up and put the weight on again, then I tried food combining, at least I could eat three times a day but again it didn't feel 'normal' I struggled not to eat what I was serving everyone else, I hated going out for dinner and became depressed, gave up and bought some size 18 Jeans. About 6 months later I saw an ad for 'healthy eating weight loss, flexible and easy to fit in with your lifestyle' and knew I had to give it a go, I was starting to feel tired a lot of the time, getting breathless going upstairs and avoiding walking anywhere, it had got to the point that I wanted to take my wedding photo's off the wall at home as they made me feel guilty for turning into the frumpy mummy I now was.

So I felt I had no choice but to give it a go, Linda was great, she found the time to really take note of how I was feeling, once I had started the diet I felt in control, from the first week I knew it was achievable, even the weeks I put on weight I was never embarrassed or disheartened as Linda has been through the same experience. She made me feel that my losing weight was a gift to me and my family not a torture, to focus on the positives and tackle habits in a good way.

I lost weight steadily and as a result eat differently, even now, I still have my mega blow outs, but they are nothing like I used to and I know a day or two of being more careful and a couple of extra walks round the block will see to it that I don't ever have to buy a size 18 again.

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