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Graham' story...

From a very young age I was overweight, it is fair to say I enjoyed my food and did very little exercise to compensate my 'addiction'... As the later years of my teenage life went on so did the pounds, eventually I peaked at 21.5 stone!

I tended to look in the mirror at flattering angles making myself believe it wasn't 'that bad' but after going to a party with friends I saw a photo of myself that left me feeling ashamed and embarrassed - I had a huge cushion of fat under my smile which was hideous and it was this that made me decide to lose some weight.

Linda had been running a weight loss programme for some time and had been trying to get me to go along but I'd always been sceptical - now I was willing to try anything! Being a man it can be hard to enter into such programmes, but sometimes you just have to move on for the greater good. Anyway, I started the programme and very soon found myself losing weight. The first month passed and I'd lost about a stone, the second and another came off! I started to feel healthier, but then noticed the weight loss slowing down so I joined a gym and started exercising. This coupled with the diet propelled me to lose a further four stone in the following four months! Talk about results! It really worked for me for two simple reasons, I had the support I needed and a plan that worked... thanks Linda!"

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