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Edward, Train Driver, Northamptonshire.

My Lose-it Journey
My waistline has slowly but surely been expanding since I left university, and I’ve been conscious that I really needed to do something about it for a few years. Working extreme shift patterns, in a largely sedentary role, didn’t exactly help either. I was unhappy with my physical image, but had yet to find a regime to correct it that worked for me.

I met Linda Cartwright by chance last summer. I work in a role where alertness and concentration are vital, and a few minutes conversation with Linda, made me realise the direct relevance of what she does to me. She suggested a couple of little changes to my diet, which I tried, and found that they worked. I soon recognised both the integrity of what Lose-it offers, and of the lady behind it, so it didn’t take too much more persuasion to get me to come along to a class. As a shift worker, the flexibility of the Lose-it programme was of particular interest to me. Classes are available at various times of the day, and throughout the week. I have been free to attend whenever I can, and Linda has been very supportive with this. I was slightly concerned that a weight loss group was “something that women went to”. I need not have worried; my first meetings were as part of a men only group, with the predictable atmosphere and humour!

To me, this is a far more upmarket and select product, than that offered by the major sliming chains, yet the cost is comparable. Firstly, you’re only in a small group (less than 10), so everyone can get to know each other, and the environment is one of mutual support. You can have a laugh with too. You’re weighed in private, and your performance is kept confidential, something that I certainly appreciate. As the groups are small, Linda has time for you as an individual, which is really useful if you’ve had a bad week, or are a little uncertain about something. The lessons she delivers are factual, directly relevant and laced with humour. She says she’ll change the way that you think about food – well she certainly has in my case.

The programme is very simple to follow – I’d characterise it as “bloke friendly”! You are allowed so many “portions” of each food group per day, and your Welcome book explains clearly what a portion of most common foods consists of. I have found it very easy to plan my day’s food intake in advance, and to work out a menu that will keep me going, yet still comfortably stay within my daily allowances. It has fitted in well around my variable shift pattern, and a young family.

I don’t feel that I have made any great sacrifices either. I’ve adjusted what I eat – less carbs, more greens. The only major change has been to cut out the rubbish. McDonald’s breakfasts and the like. There’s still scope in the diet for treats; chocolate, cakes, alcohol, etc. It’s not puritanical, and it’s not a gimmick. Once your brain has accepted the changes, the weight loss will be permanent. I have never felt hungry on the programme, in fact I am actually eating more food. My energy and alertness levels have definitely been higher too; not something that I can take chances with in my profession! It’s saved me money as well. The classes cost less than I was spending on unnecessary or rubbish food each week.

Does it work?
I attended my first Lose-it class on the 24th November. When I was weighed on the 7th January, I had lost a stone in weight, even allowing for the inevitable dietary failure over the festive season! Any tips? Planning ahead allied to good, honest home cooking. It’s not hard to do, and it doesn’t take as long as you think it will. I plan my day’s food intake in advance, I ensure that I always have sufficient suitable food with me, and I cook batches of food when I have the chance, so that there’s always a decent meal available at home.

Would I recommend Lose-it?
Most definitely. I’m losing weight fast, I feel better, and I’m enjoying the experience. A positive and life changing experience for me; for someone with a more serious weight problem, it could be life saving.

When you have the right support…
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