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Chris Dix

This is going to sound really cheesy and sure that it has been said a thousand times but I have always struggled with my weight during in my adulthood, hiding away from situations where weight can be an issue, always forward planning my route out of a pub or restaurant so it would not cause a scene, staying away from things that I know I would have enjoyed in case it drew attention to myself, which in turn knocks your self confidence and self esteem, the way I generally handled all of this was via humor, deflecting the attention away or even taking the Mickey out of myself. But as I have grown older I had started to notice that it was really beginning to affect my health and the way in which I live my life, the daily tasks of walking up the stairs was making me out of breath and I was becoming lazy and fatigued the majority of the time; and buying clothes had become a complete nightmare.

Then I heard this competition on the local radio station as I was driving to work one day and thought I would enter, unfortunately I did not win the competition and had completely forgotten about it until I received a call from Linda running a marketing campaign and thought why not, I had never been on a diet before or pretty much even contemplated one but I was feeling positive and thought why not, so along to my first consultation I went, a wet windy evening in October and I don’t think I’ve looked back since, I was greeted with a warm friendly smile and approach and the diet plan was easy to follow and was more just a lifestyle change really, portion sizes, eating the right food groups and drinking enough water has become second nature to me now and have kept my motivation up with the weekly classes explaining things and giving you weekly tips, setting achievable targets. I really cannot recommend ‘The Lose It Coach’ highly enough, has really changed my life in a whole manner of ways, more confident about myself and do not shy away from things now and more importantly a healthier and fitter person, I even completed a 10km run a while back, which is something I never ever would have contemplated, with the next challenge just around the corner

Chris - before Chris - After

It’s very much a case of work in progress, but I’m looking forward to living now and know in time I will be where I want to be with my health and life, smiling on the inside as well as the outside, a big pat on the back for the Lose It Approach J

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