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Edward, Train Driver, Northamptonshire.

My Lose-it Journey
My waistline has slowly but surely been expanding since I left university, and I’ve been conscious that I really needed to do something about it for a few years. Working extreme shift patterns, in a largely sedentary role, didn’t exactly help either. I was unhappy with my physical image, but had yet to find a regime to correct it that worked for me.

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Chris Dix

This is going to sound really cheesy and sure that it has been said a thousand times but I have always struggled with my weight during in my adulthood, hiding away from situations where weight can be an issue, always forward planning my route out of a pub or restaurant so it would not cause a scene, staying away from things that I know I would have enjoyed in case it drew attention to myself, which in turn knocks your self confidence and self esteem, the way I generally handled all of this was via humor, deflecting the attention away or even taking the Mickey out of myself. But as I have grown older I had started to notice that it was really beginning to affect my health and the way in which I live my life, the daily tasks of walking up the stairs was making me out of breath and I was becoming lazy and fatigued the majority of the time; and buying clothes had become a complete nightmare.

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Tracey' story...

"I was lucky enough to win a month of The Lose it Coach in a competition on Horizon Radio. How little did I realise that I would be changing my life forever. Linda Cartwright is one of the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet. She has in short changed my life in the last 2 months, and I am now well on my way to meeting my weight loss target. The diet plan she has given me is very easy to follow, and easily fits into my hectic family life. Linda is nothing short of a miracle worker in my eyes."

Graham' story...

From a very young age I was overweight, it is fair to say I enjoyed my food and did very little exercise to compensate my 'addiction'... As the later years of my teenage life went on so did the pounds, eventually I peaked at 21.5 stone!

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Joanne Whitehouse...

Not so long ago with the help and guidance of Linda I lost 5 stone and changed my life! It seemed like such a long journey to begin with, I was desperately unhappy with my weight and had no idea where to start.

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Sheri Howe's Success Story...

I never really had a weight problem when I was young I was always about a size 12 and never really gave food a thought. Met a lovely man got married had a job I enjoyed and had a baby a few years later, I would like to blame the pregnancy for my weight gain but actually didn't gain a great deal and was in my 'larger' size 12 clothes quite soon after.

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