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Liz - Cranfield University

The easiest and most rewarding Diet I have ever tried. The weight loss programme is designed to give you a healthy balance of Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dairy, fruit and veg, as well as getting portions of these every day you also get extras for chocolate, crisps desserts etc, which as this is a 7 day diet you can save up for the weekend, or special occassion. Nothing is banned form the diet so if you fancy some chocolate you look how many calories it has and take it off your extras. As nothing is banned you do not get the cravings for foods you do on other diets. I have lost 21lb in 13 weeks and that has included a 2 week holiday as well as Chrismas and New Year. The weigh in is private with a motivation group talk after, I have not had any hunger pangs whilst on this diet and find it easy to follow.

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